05 January, 2012

Time management

Oh sweet interwebs, I do love you so but, um, I think we're maybe seeing too much of each other and, well, I need some space.

During the super-productive time I enjoyed last fall, I tried something new; I used a timer to keep me mindful of my time spent sitting at the computer. I wish I didn't need this kind of help, but I do. I've spent entire days surfing the web without realizing it. That shocking realization when Mr Fab comes home from work and I haven't gotten dressed, made the bed or eaten or anything. One or two days like that isn't the end of the world but, well, I've had a few more of them than that...

When I use the timer I waste less time. Simple. When I don't, I fall right back into my old patterns. With time, maybe I won't need it but for now it's easy and effective, at least for me. Before I sit down I think, "what's my objective for this session and how long should it take?" Then I set the timer and off I go.

Got any time management tricks you want to share? This old dog is looking for new tricks!

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