What is gabbish?

First a public service announcement to folks looking to understand the Italian term pronounced gah-BEESH by Italian Americans like Tony Soprano; the word you're looking for is capisce. You may also be interested in knowing that gabagool is really capicola. You're welcome.

Back to gabbish (pronounced gab-ish)!

I had the great fortune to work with an awesome group of talented people long enough that we got very used to each other. During this time I was accused of having my own language, dubbed gabbish by a lovely co-worker, characterized by made-up words and a tendency to load sentences with pronouns to the point of obscurity. I was forever saying things like, "Hey, who is the guy that does that stuff with the thing?" And by some telepathic magic, these guys got to the point where they'd actually know what I was talking about. (I told you they were awesome.)

I'll do my best not to torture you with that kind of talk and reign in the pronouns, though I'm fairly certain that the made-up words will appear from time to time. I'd like to think that despite being made up, they follow grammatical conventions and their meaning should be clear. If I'm mistaken and one of my creations puzzles you, hit me with a comment and I'll happily start a glossary. Cheers!