23 August, 2012

Diagonal Box Stitch

I've been wanting to tell the world about this stitch for a while now but I was waiting until I finished the throw. Well I've waited long enough (I'm very impatient) so lucky you, a post now and a post when I actually finish the thing.

on and on

It all started when I saw a picture of a blanket with a mesmerizing texture. I loved it but the pattern wasn't available and there was no mention of the stitch. What followed was a TON of fruitless googling. As a former (professional) researcher I don't take it too well when I can't find something. Ego bruised, I decided it didn't matter, I could figure it out myself and so I did. Off I went, devised my own version of the stitch and posted a picture on Flickr of my early progress. At which point the lovely and talented Oiyi put an end to the mystery: Diagonal Box Stitch. (Interwebs FTW!).

sock scrap throw

So rather than torturing you all with my haphazard directions, I can point you to this handy tutorial from Crochet Cabana. Interested in exactly what I did? Read on.