03 October, 2011

Jestem zielona

That's Polish for I'm green which I am, with envy, as my brother and his lovely wife are in Poland without me.

I first went to Poland in 2008 and loved it.
I loved it so much that I'm trying to learn the language.
I loved it so much that it was the only thing I could talk about, for weeks, once I returned home.
I loved it so much that I convinced Mr. Fab to come with us in 2009.

Last year a trip wasn't economically feasible and this year? Well, I thought it would be nice to give the newishlyweds* a year without me tagging along. I still stand by that decision but as they post pictures of so many things I miss, the green grows. So as I reminisce, I thought I'd share a little.

Really the best thing about the trips was meeting SIL's family and friends. Everyone was so warm and gracious, welcoming me and Mr Fab as family. There were parties in the city (Warsaw) and parties around the campfire (in Masuria) and lots of laughter (despite, and sometimes because of, language differences). But more than anything, there was food. Lots and lots of glorious food!

I wish I did a better job of documenting what we ate. Here's a little sample:

post-drinks sustenance






love at first bite


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