13 October, 2011


I'm trying to get back into sewing so I was happy that on my recent trip up to Boston to visit family I remembered the Jo-Ann's near my mom's. We don't have any near us and I've found that the craft stores just don't have a good variety of sewing stuff. I went down every aisle and was relatively sensible. My best purchase: a cushioned, heat-reflective ironing board cover. I've wanted one for years and it works like a dream!

I also bought a bunch of stuff without plans. Well, they might have had plans, but none that I was aware of.
sunny stack untitled untitled

Then I spoke to my mom who mentioned another fabric store so I went there too and bought even more stuff without plans...
untitled cheater

I do a lot of impulsive stash-building of the yarn variety and a lot of impulsive knitting projects. It's not a problem; I can always frog, right? Sewing's going to be tough on me. I fear I'm going to need to be much more deliberate, organized, precise.

Or am I?

Up to my old tricks, I'm figuring this one out as I go. So far, so good!

Even if I'm still messing up the odd seam.

Quilting seems to lend itself to the type of crafter I am. True, there is something final in cutting fabric, but scrap remains useful. That goes a long way towards alleviating my fear of ruining things.

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