26 July, 2012

Getting spotty

I've been going through a second adolescence lately. Funny since I'm now in that "mid-life" range but whatever, we each have our own pace. So here I am on top of the hill, figuring out what I like, what I'm good at, what's good for me and trying against my very nature to cultivate enough order to support becoming the person I want to be when I grow up. I'm super fortunate to have a lot of time at my disposal for this purpose so I figured it was only right that I find some ways of giving back. Lucky you; queue the music!

After gentle prodding from a highly esteemed friend, I installed Spotify. And while I have major issues with the catalog (where's the Polish hip hop? Why isn't Huggy Bear licensed for the US?) I do enjoy combining new (to me) stuff to with old favorites to make soundtracks for my dailies. Assuming I have a lot more time than you for this digging and sorting, I figured I could share a few playlists with you. Who knows, maybe you'll like some of what I like and maybe you'll find something new to you too?

Let's kick things off with a little hodge-podge that, much like my present creative endeavors, may or may not end up suiting anyone else's tastes. But that's really not the point, so...

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