10 May, 2012

Mad fun!

Like Mad Libs? Wanna do one with me? Cool, here's the plan: below are the words I need for the first one. Check it out & post a comment with some words. Don't be a hog, save some for others.

What? Oh, good point, you may well be the only one reading this. In that case, check back & give me some more words if no one else is playing. God, I hope I'm not talking to myself again...

Been a while since you watched Schoolhouse Rock? Need a refresher on parts of speech?

Noun - person, place, thing (for Mad Libs, thing works best here, honest)
Adjective - describes a noun
Verb - action word
Adverb - describes an adjective or verb usually ends in "ly"

Once I have all the words I'll fill in the blanks and post a picture. Thanks for playing! 
[ETA link to completed work]


  1. May I? Oh, thank you.
    2. groovy
    3. tacos
    4. tattoos
    5. wiggle
    6. boobs, of course
    OK OK, I won't be a hog.

  2. (from my brother by phone)
    7 pee
    8 hairy
    9 pasta
    10 tree

  3. (from a friend by skype)
    11 muggles

  4. 12 fetid
    13 stew
    14 Blurg
    15 Imperial Stormtroopers

  5. spleens